Percentage Deposit Bonus

Bonus promotions of casinos have such a wide range that they can be the subject of a dissertation. There are bonus functions in the following categories: deposit bonus, new player bonus, referral bonus, loss bonus, compensation bonus and so on. We wanted to prepare a detailed bonus guide about the Percentage Deposit Bonus and the functioning of these bonuses. Before you start reading our guide, the most important detail that you should not forget is that the bonus logic at each casino works differently from one another. What we will write here contains only general information. If you cannot reconcile any casino with the information you have read in this article. You can get the most up-to-date and healthy bonus information from the “bonus usage and rules “page of the casino you are using. However, you should not forget the basic rule: you must take risks to earn and redeem bonuses. In other words, you should definitely use those bonuses in real games, within the specified limits.

How to Earn Bonuses at Casinos?

In order for you to calculate the contribution and benefit of a casino bonus to you, you should not skip these 3 important criteria. The obligation to play the game, the percentage of contribution of the bonus to the game and the percentage of advantage. The wagering requirement of a bonus is that the deposit and bonus amount must be deposited before the bonus starts to be used. Although these rates vary depending on the amount of the bonus and the casino, the average is between 20 percent and 40 percent. The contribution percentage is the amount that each game depends on the general wagering requirements. Think of it like a multiplier: if the bet on a game is only about 50%, you need to bet twice as much. For slot players, the percentage of contribution is normally 100%, so the wagering condition remains at the standard level. The difficulty level starts with games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. For these games, each casino has its own functioning, but usually the contribution rate will be 50% or less. Take Blackjack for example, the contribution rate at Microgaming casinos is only 8%. The contribution percentage varies depending on the game, the casino and the bonuses, so it may sound quite confusing. That’s why we recommend that you read the bonus terms of the casinos carefully at every opportunity. In simple terms, the vault advantage is the percentage of total bets that the casino is expected to in the long run. So in a game with a 2% cash advantage, the casino plans to make an overall profit of 2%. All games consist of a percentage of advantage of less than 1% in some Blackjack variations and more than 50% in some bets. The advantage is standard practice in all games and is normal. In order to earn bonuses at casinos, you need to follow the steps in the bonus packages offered by the casino. For example, if you want to win a new player bonus, you need to register at that casino. In order to benefit from the deposit bonus, you must upload a balance to your account at that casino. In order to win the lost bonuses, you need to play games at the casino and follow the steps. You can’t win the lost bonus without playing and losing. So in short, the way each bonus is earned is different. Just as there are differences in their use. The bonus world is like a vast sea

Use of Bonuses in Casinos

In order to use the bonus, you must first fulfill the earning conditions of that bonus and upload the bonuses to your casino account. Some casinos will give you a bonus code when the bonus is won. Some casinos, on the other hand, require automatic downloads or contacting customer service. But in general, they come in the form of code. To activate the bonus you have earned, you can activate it by typing on the bonus usage page on your account page. We repeat; the use of bonuses in casinos is different in terms of their areas of use. One of the most popular bonuses offered by casinos is the deposit bonus. Make a contribution to the casino so that you get the reward. This is how the system works.

Types of Casino Bonuses

In this section, we will give you very brief information about the types of casino bonuses. All of these bonuses are already described in detail on our website. So without going into the bonus details, we’ll just give information in a sentence or two. You can check out our other articles for detailed descriptions of bonuses.

Welcome, New Player or Sign up Bonus

A New Player, Welcome or Sign-up Bonus is usually one of the best bonuses you will come across. But before registering at the casino, you should carefully read how the process of flipping these bonuses is. This bonus rate is usually 100%, but some of them have rates up to 200%.

No Deposit Bonus

While this is a bonus and one of the best bonuses, it gives you the chance to play the games of online casinos for free on a prepaid basis. You can earn money playing at casinos with the “No Deposit bonus “ ( No Deposit Bonus or Prepaid Bonus ).

Deposit Bonus

Some casinos make this transaction only 1 time, while some give a bonus on every deposit. Deposit bonus rates are usually at 100% rates. When you deposit $100, you get a balance of $200.

Percentage Deposit Bonus

Although this bonus is not as big as the deposit bonus, casinos offer to pay a percentage of the amount you deposit and charge it to you as a bonus.  If they offer a 50% bonus and you deposit $100, the casino will add an extra $50 to your money. This is how the system works.

Loyalty Bonus

Many online casinos also have bonus packages reserved for their special customers. They usually progress in the form of a program. They are also known by the name of loyalty program or Vip program. You switch to these programs automatically. The length of time you use the casino, the amount of deposits you make, increases your chances of winning a loyalty bonus.

Free Trial Bonus

Casino bonuses are only for use in casinos and cannot be converted into money, withdrawn and used as cash in your account. But thanks to the casinos that offer a free trial bonus, you can play and test the games and develop strategies before loading money.

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