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Online Casino Guide For European Casino Players

Bitcoin Gambling: What's the Big Deal?

Digital currency Bitcoin is used for payments online, exchange for cash, in trading on specialized exchanges. Its appearance in online casinos did not lead to a revolution but directed its vector in a different direction.

The peculiarity of bitcoin is that it does not obey anyone and is completely autonomous. It is not tied to any currency or asset. The peer-to-peer system is protected by Proof-of-work technology. It is based on a very complex principle of asymmetry of time costs and no fewer complex queries. As a result, spending the same assets several times by users is impossible.

Future is coming

The mentioned non-control of Bitcoin indicates that the supply and demand for it depends solely on the trust of users. In the same way, its liquidity is formed. If at the dawn of its existence people pay only one dollar for 1300 digital coins. But then the exchange rate began to grow irregularly, reached the mark of $250, and today 1 bitcoin costs even more than $10,000.

The future of gambling has already come. Top casinos in 2018 and 2020 operating with bitcoins. You can find in our rating top world bitcoin casinos in USA thanks to our collection of slot games.

Bitcoin gambling began to gain popularity during 2016 and 2017, and many casinos are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency gaming industry. They offer fun, fast, and honest games for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Trust is very important both for casinos and for our customers. Social responsibility is their priority, which means that they monitor, support and exceed the expectations of their players.

The cryptocurrency-based casino allows to instantly make payments, the security of which is ensured by the blockchain, easily and anonymously. The casino is the best place to have fun, feeling safe and confident. Enjoy it!

Becoming a bitcoin casino client is very simple: fill out a short registration form, make your first deposit and get access to an amazing collection of first-class casino games – blackjack, poker, slots, baccarat, roulette and much more! From lotteries to games with live dealers, you can be sure that you are getting the best product available on the market. Read our bitcoin casino reviews to choose the best one. 

More Advantages of BTC Casinos 

Speedy Transactions

For banks, transfers between accounts on average take 3-5 business days, and maybe more if they are foreign transfers. In cryptocurrencies, transactions are instantaneous. However, when working with large amounts, it is recommended to wait for a few confirmations by the transaction network, usually, it takes no more than an hour.

Cryptocurrencies use proven cryptography with the separation of public and private keys to store access keys to funds. Similar algorithms are used by banks and other financial institutions to protect their data. And the total computing power of the Bitcoin network, which is used to protect the history of transactions, back in 2012 exceeded the computing power of any supercomputer in the world.

Is it faster than credit card deposits?

Excellent divisibility, easy transfer, and verification of the authenticity of virtual coins while maintaining the many advantages of cash.

Smart contracts, multi-signatures and other progress for the convenience of business and gamblers. You can create transactions with a guarantor when, for example, two of the three signatures are required to complete a transaction. Smart contracts allow you to set much more complex conditions for operations.

Ability to send microtransactions in casinos and other services. For example, thousandths of a dollar. This, including new opportunities for monetization of content and other business opportunities.

Lack of complicated registration, age, and any other restrictions. To get started, you do not need anything other than Internet access. You download the Bitcoin client to your computer or smartphone, it generates the address of your wallet. From now on, you can receive and send cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Casino Withdrawals: It's quite easy!

Despite the high volatility due to the free market, fluctuations in the cryptocurrency rate can be much less than the depreciation of national currencies in the event of political instability in the state, or even a default. There is no dependence on central banks, local and not only laws, religion, politicians and other attempts to intervene and limit your operations. Including through sanctions.

Therefore, by withdrawing winnings or jackpot from the casino from your account, you are fully protected from any restrictions. All you need is a wallet for which you will withdraw money. The operation of withdrawing bitcoins from a casino account takes a matter of hours and is done in just a couple of clicks. Thф greatly simplifies the life of the player, because all you need is a wallet address.

Transaction Fee: It is almost none!

The fees are practically independent of the amount transferred or the location of the sending and receiving parties. Transactions are often free. The commission is required only when forming technically large transactions that load the network, or very small amounts to avoid attacks on the network by spamming with a huge number of meaningless transactions.

There is also no subscription fee, limits or other restrictions when paying in casino or other service.

Think about your business, not about when the banking establishments has a weekend or lunchtime. If you wanted to send the transfer at 3 a.m. on Sunday, it means that it will be sent at 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Security – How Secure Is Too Secure?

Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency whose issue is not regulated or controlled. The issue of new non-cash monetary units is a programmed process as a result of using computer capacities to perform complex mathematical calculations and solve voluminous program tasks.

Weak controllability of cross-border transfers. Foreign central banks and other bodies of supervision in the national payment systems of foreign countries cannot supervise and control the issue of Bitcoin, the implementation of transactions in this currency, services and electronic exchanges that provide services for transactions with Bitcoin.

Let's highlight some security pros:

  • Total decentralization. This is the most important moment, saying that digital money and its turnover are not controlled by any structures (state or commercial) and are not accountable, no one can manage them and create artificial jumps in the exchange rate, i.e. Bitcoin price does not depend on the economic situation in any country. All owners of digital coins are equal before the system, and no one has privileges (for example, restrictions on the size of transactions, etc.); 

  • Anonymity. Participants make transactions without revealing their personal data or the data of the recipient of funds but simply using a hash of 27-34 characters. It is interesting that no matter how the controlling bodies strive to obtain information about who and in what quantity have assets in the military-technical cooperation, they will not succeed; 

  • Security. All your coins are reliably protected, and it is simply impossible to crack a wallet in the Bitcoin system. All data is encrypted; unique cryptographic records are used for this. It is unrealistic to intercept funds during transactions, as well as open a wallet to which only the owner has personal access; 

  • Direct transactions. All transfers are made directly between the owners of the coins. There are no intermediaries who would have to pay for assistance and display data; 

  • Irreversibility of transactions. A completed transaction cannot be returned, stopped, or blocked. Thus, if someone transferred coins to you, they will not be able to "recall" them back; 

  • Limited emissions. If ordinary money does not have restrictions on the issue and states print as much as necessary, the main thing is that there is sufficient reinforcement, then this option will not work with Bitcoin. Their issue is strictly limited, there can be no more than 21 million coins, i.e. depreciation of this digital money is not threatened.

The anonymity of payments and the issuance process makes cryptocurrency attractive on the one hand for users in terms of taxation, withdrawal into the shadow economy, but on the other hand, increases the risks of currency loss by owners in the event of bankruptcy of electronic exchanges for cryptocurrency trading or as a result of a hacker attack. Also, the anonymity of payments prevents government regulation of the economy and does not meet international standards for the disclosure of information by participants in financial markets.

Things to do before choosing a BTC Casino 

The popularity of online casinos is increasing every day. Therefore, more and more often, players are faced with questions: what should you pay attention to in order not to fall for the tricks of scammers and what kind of bitcoincasino to choose online so that you lose no more than 30%. As statistics show, it is this threshold that will provide you with a total gain.

The choice of the best online casinos is guaranteed to you if you know all the signs of an honest gambling establishment. Find your best bitcoin casino. 

Does it have Provably Fair software?

Two innovations in no way had a chance not to converge. Versions of online casinos designed for mobile devices and running on the Android operating system have already started accepting bitcoins as deposits. In their catalogs, you can find almost all games, except poker.

Brand presence on the online bitcoin casino site. In most cases, this indicates that the casino works with eminent developers who provide high-quality licensed games. That makes it possible for the gambler to try his hand at completely different experience in this direction, and find what suits him best. Choose wisely.

Is your preferred bitcoin casino legal?

The potential of the Bitcoin currency lies in the fact that its use will provide an opportunity for online casinos to enter markets that were closed due to internal legislation. In other words, the presence of a online casino bitcoin will be everywhere where there is an Internet. Local laws for large portals will not be an obstacle.

The use of bitcoins in online casinos is associated with the development of the segment of the gambling industry itself. The pace that online gambling is building up is evidenced by the figures: in 2003, on a global scale, gambling online business brought a total income of 6.6 billion euros, and after more than 10 years - in 2014 - 32.5 billion Euro.

Virtual wallets, NFC and QR codes allow you to transfer money with minimal effort, in addition to real-time. In the Bitcoin system, you can make transactions around the clock 7 days a week. However, there is no fear that your assets may freeze.

Read the terms of service!

The presence of permits in an online crypto casino is a sure sign of decency. In particular, this is a license. Unlicensed activity in this area is prohibited by law, but fraudsters manage for a short time of their existence not only to work without a license but also make good money on players.

The license is issued after a full inspection of the institution by the relevant authorities for compliance with all requirements of the law. That gives the player a chance not to be "robbed."

An interested person can see information about documents on the main page or in a special section. If there is data on the site, you need to pay attention to the date and issuing authority, the validity period. If the data is not reflected, you have the right to request information of interest from the site administration. If there is no response to the request or there are unsubscribes, you should pay attention to this.


Where can I get Bitcoin?

To buy bitcoin, you need a wallet to store crypto currency. Citizens of almost any country can consider the following ways to buy bitcoin:

  • Exchange online services;

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;

  • Terminals and ATMs;

  • Exchange with other people for real money, gift cards.

Regardless of which cryptocurrency purchase method you choose for yourself, always remember the safety of storing purchased coins. Never tell strangers the numbers of your wallets, do not voice the amount of cryptocurrency in your possession. That may be unsafe for both your well-being and health and even life. Take care of yourself and your assets!

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin was not welcomed in the online casino community. Leaders, as it usually happens, looked at cryptocurrency with distrust. The situation has not fundamentally changed: in most casinos, it is impossible to deposit with bitcoin. This is due to licensing and statutory documents. The turn towards Bitcoins, which the British made, is connected with the desire not to miss the period of innovation, and as a result not to lose the client base.

Characterizing the potential of bitcoins, the SoftSwiss CEO says:

"In just six months, we received about four hundred orders to create a Bitcoin casino. Three to five almost ready-made portals are in the process of testing. We could work on creating best bitcoin casinos even more intensively, but our resources do not allow this. Today, the total amount for all bets made by bitcoins in institutions created on our platform is $30 million per month."

Are there any disadvantages of using Bitcoins in gambling?

Any user can open a personal wallet in Bitcoin. At the same time, it is not necessary to provide your personal data without confirmation with scans, etc. The specifics are that the wallet is generated randomly, and the user receives the same random digital and alphabetic combination – his unique number.

The Bitcoin system does not provide for mandatory commissions. If the user needs it, he can appoint it on his own – for transfer or payment. Among other advantages of cryptocurrency:

  • instant registration

  • absolute wallet security

  • anonymity,

  • the ability to receive bitcoins for free (mine them).

You can get bitcoins through the exchange. Many payment systems already officially service such transactions, including the popular ones.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

To officially enter the gambling market, cryptocurrency Bitcoin is hampered by its properties. True, tangible shifts are already noticeable in this direction. In 2015, the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) allowed the use of convertible digital currencies by licensed bitcoin casinos. 

The decision entered into force at the end of last year. If we consider that before the British, not a single licensing body favored setting rules for using cryptocurrencies, this is a real breakthrough. UKGC echoed the notorious regulators from the Isle of Man and Malta.

The vast majority of poker portals that accept Bitcoin are licensed in Curacao. Since it is not yet necessary to rely on the assistance of the licensing authority, the players have to independently resolve the disputes that arise.

Bitcoin is a concern for regulators because of its anonymity. It is not strange that the European Commission has prepared a project according to which the European cryptocurrency user will not speak anonymously. Such a policy is linked to the desire to prevent fraud and large-scale fund-raising and should contribute to corporate transparency issues.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

There are four categories of bitcoin wallets in total:

Wallet Type



Hardware wallets

security, Bitcoin is stored on a PC, it is almost impossible to crack a password;

Lack of mobility;

There is no possibility of making payments outside the home;

There is a danger of hacking if seed is not encrypted;

Damage/loss to a computer can result in a loss of money.

Universal (multi-platform)

does not store data online, the safe has an attractive design

This is a piece of equipment, so the possibility of damage cannot be ruled out;

Possible loss/damage to the wallet, and, as a result, loss of funds


convenience, ease of use, always at hand, ability to make payments

The wallet is always online, therefore there is a risk of data theft;

If you lose your phone, if it does not have a PIN, Bitcoins will likely be stolen


convenience, ease of use, accessibility from any device

Stores private keys online;

Some wallets are tied to a phone number, and if it is lost, all funds may be lost.


Is it possible to gamble with altcoins like Ethereum or Litecoin?

The well-known formula – online casino + Bitcoin = hybrid casino – displays the concept of a modern gambling establishment on the Internet. By "hybrid" is meant a combination of traditional currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) and bitcoins. The client has the opportunity to buy Bitcoin in any currency, and later - exchange them for the currency used in the hybrid casino. In fact, players get maximum freedom in transactions, which can now be carried out even faster. There is no need to keep money in a bitcoin casino. The procedure is as follows: the client sends money to the casino's Bitcoin-account – in case of a win they get a bet + winnings to the same Bitcoin-account.

The first hybrid casino is BitStarz, where, along with bitcoins, they began to carry out operations using other international currencies. In many bitcoin casinos, you can also use Ethereum or Litecoin

Is there a minimum deposit on Bitcoin casinos?

Most virtual gambling houses set a minimum limit for the first and subsequent deposit of ten dollars or the equivalent of this amount. That does not suit all gamblers since many beginners prefer to test unfamiliar playgrounds with minimal investment first.

That allows you to understand the rules of the game on certain machines, learn how to slow down in time with a wave of losses, and also navigate the system of deposit bonuses. Due to the high demand for casinos with a minimum deposit, many sites went to meet potential customers. So, there was a practice of creating crypto casinos with a minimum deposit, which are in demand today. And USA bitcoin casinos are not an exception.

Are there Bitcoin casino bonuses?

Check out the bitcoin casino bonus promotion system. Bonuses are reflected on the main page of the site and represent an effective, stimulating factor. In order not to become a "victim" of the bonus system, you need to pay attention to the wager. If its size is more than 40, then you will practically not have the opportunity to win back the bonus. 

At the same time, you should know that the player can take advantage of the bonus only at his own request. If the potential client is not satisfied with the terms of wagering, he may contact the site administrator with a request not to accrue the bonus. That will allow you to be freer in your actions and will remove your obligation to win back bonus funds.

Why should I check for a license even if the casino games are provably fair?

True, the vast majority of large bitcoin casinos (888, Betfair and 32Red) with digital currency do not yet work. The trend so far is that it should happen sooner or later. Still, these institutions work with several currencies, so from the purely technical side of the issue, adding bitcoins to the list also does not seem to be a problem. Less well-known gaming portals, on the contrary, saw in cryptocurrency a chance to strengthen their positions. These include the currently popular online casino Satoshi Dice.

Can you gamble with more rare altcoins, like Zcash, Ripple or Dash?

Advantages of hybrid bitcoin casinos:

  • a great option for classic currency players and Bitcoin players,

  • unprecedented prompt withdrawal of funds (both bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies including Zcash, Ripple, Dash, and even some others).

Bitcoin gave the players what they previously lacked – complete control over their money. This is what can explain the popularity of digital currency among gamers.

Players are attracted to the fact that in a Bitcoin casino with a bonus at registration there is no wagering. True, there still has its own system: you withdraw only winnings, and bonus money remains in the casino.

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