Deposit Methods of Casino Sites

Making a Deposit to Casino Sites with Bitcoin

The relationship between cryptocurrencies and betting sites has developed quite a lot in the last 3 years. The number of betting sites that accept Bitcoin has started to increase day by day. You can make a Deposit with Bitcoin on our site. To do this, here are the steps you need to follow; first, click on the deposit option from the member panel and select Bitcoin as the pay method. In the second step, you will see the Bitcoin wallet address and QR Code of our site. From your own Bitcoin wallet, you can transfer Bitcoins to this wallet address. Paid Bitcoin payments are instantly converted into usd and added to your account after confirmation of Deposit with Bitcoin.  The lower limit is the equivalent of Bitcoin in the amount of 100$. In other words, based on the Bitcoin exchange rate on the day you deposit money, you can transfer 100$ to your account as a balance. Please make transactions by adhering to the minimum pay limits. If you can’t pay with a QR code, you can find out our Bitcoin wallet address from our live support line and make a manual transaction.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency used depending on the privacy principles of people. Your personal information remains strictly confidential and your identity will never be found from your Bitcoin wallet address.  Paying with Bitcoin is the most perfect choice among all payment methods. Especially for betting sites, it is one-to-one. The transaction fees are very low and transfer to the account in about 30 minutes. In order for you to make a Deposit with Bitcoin, you must have a balance in your Bitcoin wallet. You can create a Bitcoin balance on local and foreign Bitcoin exchanges. You can open an account on local stock exchanges using pay methods such as bank transfer, Paypal, create a Bitcoin wallet and transfer to an account on our site. Since you can deposit money, it is also possible to withdraw money from our site to your Bitcoin wallet. When you make a deposit, your personal information can never be viewed by anyone. In terms of privacy, it is the right choice for betting users.

Making a Deposit to Casino Sites with Ecopayz

Ecopayz, which is valid in almost all countries of the world, is a popular prepaid card and a secure payment tool. You can make a Deposit with Ecopayz easily on our website. You can pay in 2 different ways. Paying paid directly to the Ecopayz account on the website you can make a manual payment, or you can make a payment by entering your Ecopayz information and connecting to the Ecopayz site. Ecopayz payouts are processed instantly. The payments made are completed instantly. However, we need a maximum time of 10 to 30 minutes to check and confirm the payouts. Paying paid after you have made your payment, you can make a payment notification and make a notification from the live support line. The money you have deposited will be transferred to your account immediately after the necessary checks are made.  When making a deposit with Ecopayz, use the account number written on the site. Invalid payments made to incomplete, incorrect or different accounts will not be reflected to your account.

In Ecopayz transfer transactions, an amount of transfer transaction fee may be charged by Ecopayz and unrelated to our site. Pay transfer fee you must pay this transfer transaction fee in addition to the money you have deposited. In other words, do not add to the net amount that will be transferred to your account. Transaction fees are covered by our members. Paying Money with Ecopayz is safer and faster than other payment methods. You can send money 24×7 from anywhere in the world. You can discuss and detail the shipping limits that you may experience depending on your account with Ecopayz customer service. If you have any questions about Ecopayz, of course, our customer service can help you and give you ideas, but you should discuss your Ecopayz account problems directly with the Ecopayz Company. The deposit limits with Ecopayz are as written on our website. You cannot trade below or above these limits. The name written in your member account on the site and the name of your Ecopayz account must be the same. Payments made from different Ecopayz accounts are definitely not processed as a balance to your account. This rule applies to all pay methods.

Making a Deposit to Casino Sites with Credit Card

Paying by Credit Card, which is one of the most used payment methods we offer on the site, can only be made with credit cards in the name of the account holder.  All banks’ credit cards are valid. You can pay with Visa and Master Card and deposit the balance to your account within the specified limits. You must make transactions in accordance with the minimum deposit limit. The payments you will make with your credit card are processed into the system instantly and your balance is approved without the need for manual verification. However, for suspicious account movements, transactions can be made manually, which can take as little as 15 to 30 minutes. You can make a Deposit by Credit Card with a virtual card. Our pay system uses the most secure infrastructure in the world and your card information is definitely not stored. You can make credit card payments paid via encrypted servers automatically every hour of the day.

You can use your credit card safely to deposit money into your account. By selecting the Credit Card Deposit process, write down your card information and determine the amount you want to deposit. It is mandatory to enter a password for transactions made with 3D secure. The way in which the Credit Card Deposit is reflected in your statement is the name of the financial institution that we use as pay system. In other words, it does not write any phrase related to the name of our site or the bet in your account statement. The system may not accept bank cards. But you can still try. If the transaction does not allow, you can try it with your credit card. Or you can create a virtual card and pay as you wish. We work with financial companies that pay attention to personal privacy in order for casino users to make payments safely. In order not to be found out that you have paid to the betting site, we take all financial actions in accordance with the privacy policies. Don’t worry about it in the slightest.

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